Skinny Jeans & Trendy Denim

Skinny jeans are once again in the hot seat. A few months back, we learned that millennials and GenZs think skinny jeans and side parts are a thing of the past. It seems they’re slowly convincing some GenXers as well, seeing as how the skinnies are back in style news.

I’m a fan of wearing what looks good and more importantly, makes you feel good, and let’s face it…skinny jeans look good on most body types. Darker wash is better on some, light wash on others but in general, skinny jeans look good. So unless you’re of an age to want to fit in with Millenials, then wear the dang skinnies!

If you’re wavering on whether to ditch this classic denim, maybe try one or all of these current skinny jean trends: Slit-hem, ankle-bunching or ankle-baring.

If you’re in the market for updated denim, message me and I’ll send you my Fall Denim Roundup.

PS ~ As for the side-part vs. middle part debate, you’ll have to ask your hair stylist. As for me, I’m sticking with a side part & messy buns, and that likely says something about my age ūüėČ


Yep, it’s that time…pumpkin spice & everything nice for cooler temps is right around the corner.

2020 has a been a year; can I get an amen?! I mean…anything BUT typical, usual and normal.

So when it comes to “trends” this Fall, do we really even know (or care)? The majority of us aren’t dressing in what used to be our normal work attire, much less wearing what’s sashay-ing down the runways.

In spite of the fact, here it goes–my take, on some pieces that I think will fit in to most anyones wardrobe this Fall.

Statement Blouses – Whether it’s for virtual meetings or anything else, statement blouses get a big thumbs up; prints, sleeves, ruffles, bows…this is what is getting seen the most!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Cozy layers – cardigans over tees, soft blazers over button downs, oversized sweaters over dainty underpins.

Photo by fotografierende on

Masks – Buy the cute ones! They’re going to get used ALL the dang time for a long time to come.

Colors – Rust, Marigold & Chartreuse; have fun with it!

Photo by Retha Ferguson on

Colorful leather – vegan? even better!

Fringe – any and all!

Babydoll dresses with tall boots – Get more wear out of your Summer dresses by adding a denim jacket, blazer or cardigan and boots to get through Fall.

Photo by Elias de Carvalho on

Preppy – think plaid, patchwork, argyle

Blazers – plaid or cropped

Sheer or metallic

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“Home”Work Style

Are you working at home? Or homing at work? Does anybody really know what time it is? or Care? Anyway…Let’s talk about what to wear while we work from home, stay home and attend online meetings.

First of all, are you still getting up and dressed every day? You absolutely SHOULD be. Getting dressed helps make us feel accomplished, more productive, happier with ourselves and therefore, happier with the people we come in contact with each day…even if it is virtual or 6 feet away.

It can be difficult to stay focused and positive during this quarantine. I mean, NONE of us, no matter our age have ever experienced anything like this before. So it’s even more important to do your best, be your best and show up for yourself and others every day, and your personal style is a great way to do that.

That said, I’m not suggesting you get up at with the alarm clock and put on your usual makeup and business attire because, let’s face it these aren’t business as usual times. However, I do want to encourage you to put clothes on that make you feel good–and pretty–and happy.

Maybe it’s as simple as wearing a certain color. For instance yellow, orange and pink are all said to be happy colors; blue, lavender and soft gray are known to be calming. Maybe it’s lace or polka dots…maybe it’s your favorite pair of jeans. Whatever it is for you, do that, wear that, BE that.

There are a plethora of options available right now that satisfy the cute AND comfy vibe. Loungewear was already a big hit before COVID-19 and it’s not going away anytime soon, even after this terrible virus makes it’s much anticipated exit!

Throw on a long cardigan or denim jacket with a hoodie and leggings. That item alone will take your style up a notch. Now add some hoop earrings, a headband, hat, or fun glasses and you’ll look ANYTHING but slouchy.

A comfy pair of boyfriend jeans with your favorite colored blouse is easy-peasy and makes you feel put-together and at the top of your game. Add some fun accessories, too. PRO TIP: A good pair of hoop earrings will take you far in life!

A one piece jumpsuit is comfy casual and can be made even more interesting and stylish with a bomber jacket or cardigan over it.

Since MOST of us are spending a good bit of our days attending online meetings or Zoom happy hours (don’t judge), a blazer over a tee and a pair of hoops can really BE your look. Like, that’s pretty much all you need.

Accessories are a great way to “distract” peoples eye and get them to focus on something other than, say….your roots or unwashed hair, lack of makeup, eyelashes in need of repair or that pimple on your chin–which let’s be real, we all have AT LEAST one of these right now!

This is the PERFECT time to experiment with different accessories, especially if you don’t usually wear them. Hats, headbands, glasses, a chunky necklace or ascot (with a crew-neck tee? ~ too CUTE!), all raise the bar. Again, a good pair of hoops will pay for themselves in no time.

DIY: Repurpose old sweats. Tie-Dye is trending and fairly easy to do yourself at home. Distress by cutting your own small slits or crop the top and wear over a t-shirt. Wearing something creative that you’ve made yourself will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment, and look super cute too!

Shoes aren’t the most important piece for the stay at home wardrobe, but if you’re not one to go barefoot, casual sneakers and slip-on mules can easily be taken on/off throughout the day and will polish off any casual look.

Challenge yourself: Use this extra time at home to sort through your closet and find “new” clothes. Step out of your comfort zone and style things together that you normally wouldn’t wear. Get creative with your at-home, work-from-home, online school/meetings and see how much FUN you can have. It will change your attitude from drab to fab!

Tube Top Trend

Probably thanks to VSCO girls, bandeaus, also commonly known as tube tops are coming in HOT for Spring/Summer 2020.

But they aren’t just for the VSCO girl! Bandeaus can add style and flair to any outfit with little effort.

*PRO Tip: choose the appropriate undergarments so you’re not pulling & tugging all the time…even a little sticky tape goes a long way!

For a sporty, chic look pair your bandeau with loose, cropped pants or jeans and sneakers

For that 90’s vibe, throw on a bomber jacket over the top

Baggy pants with a combat boot give you that edgy, street style look

Running errands, playdates, lunch with a gal pal? Stick to cool & casual with an oversized shirt and ball cap or hat.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And my personal favorite, layer your bandeau OVER a crisp white button-down shirt for a clean, classy look at any age.

Photos from and pinterest

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments about what you see and read here.

xoxo, Kristen

How & when to wear leggings

I get asked this question quite often and there are many (and I mean MANY) opinions on this subject in the fashion world…so for what it’s worth, here’s mine.


RULE #2: (kinda the same as rule #1) ALWAYS COVER YOUR BUM unless you’re in the gym or doing your workout

There you have it. I love leggings. I have several pair. Leggings are comfortable, wrinkle-free, easy to pack, stretchy, come in gorgeous colors and styles –I mean it doesn’t get any more practical, easier and better, am I right?! Therefore, many of us would wear them all day, every day.

Here’s the BUT…

I think it’s important to dress up and show up for both our work and personal relationships. I certainly don’t mean we have to dress to the nines every time we step out, but looking our best helps us to feel our best and to project our best self. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear leggings to an office function or girls night out, I just happen to believe if you’re going to wear leggings, make sure you choose an appropriate and classy way to style them for the occasion, and I’ve included some of my favorite looks below.

*under a skirt or dress

*with long open cardigan

Kirstin Sinclair:Getty Images

*with a blazer

*oversized sweater


*cami or tee with duster

It’s still COLD here in Little Rock, but all of these styles can be adjusted to transition into spring and summer as well. For example, trade the sweater for a tunic, oversized button down or tee shirt and the boots for sandals. Need help? Call me, I’d love to help you style your leggings and anything else you may be struggling with.

xoxo ~Kristen

Photo creds:;;; kirstin sinclair/getty images

HAPPY NEW YEAR (and how is it already the end of January?)

First of all, thank you to those that have followed along this past year…liking, loving and sharing on social media as I learn and grow both personally and professionally. I’ve met so many new fabulous friends through my work so THANK you, thank YOU and THANK YOU for your love, kindness and support.

It seems the popular trend for 2019 is to choose a word of the year versus making a resolution. I think it shifts our focus more toward how to live our best life, and I kinda LIKE it! Although, truthfully I’m struggling to choose just one word. I can think of so many…SO many.


Do you see the trend here? The words I find myself focusing on and think I need to work on all begin with P…does that seem strange? I’m trying to connect the dots and see the hidden message here but it’s not making sense to me yet (which is one reason why my Happy New Year post is coming to you on January 23!). I’m going to keep moving forward, analyzing my thoughts and actions, and working toward nailing down my word of the year.¬†No rush, right?

I was hoping my word would be more like….handbag, or travel (haha). I’m definitely going to squeeze those things in to my life as well because they make me happy.¬†Make sure you ask 2019 to be good to you. Be sure you are actively asking for what you want in your life. We can’t just sit back and wish and hope that our desires come meet us. We gotta ask for it, actively seek it, and believe it’s going to come to us.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, successful you in 2019!

xoxo, Kristen

‚ÄúAttitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.‚Ä̬†‚ÄĒ Winston Churchill

Styling those sneakers

Sneakers are hot and on trend! I’m still building my collection (wondering how many pair is too many?) The¬†options are limitless, so I’m thinking why not have a pair for every occasion? Sneakers are acceptable pretty much anywhere, anytime!

Get yourself at least 2 pair: a casual pair for athleisure¬†and another pair for dressing up your denim and dressing down your skirts. Yes, skirts…long, short and midi can all be worn with sneakers. Don’t forget your athletic¬†pair. PSA: Most sports have specific shoes and wearing the correct ones can prevent aches, pains and injuries.

Here are some examples of how to wear sneakers. DON’T JUDGE THE PHOTOGRAPHY. I’m not a professional (obvi).


Left: Leggings, long tunic, and sweater or jacket with athleisure sneakers (NOTE: cover your booty unless you’re at the gym). This outfit can be worn all day, every day…casual, comfortable, but not sloppy.

Middle: Joggers (this pair is velvet), shirt or sweater, and jacket with retro sneaker. Another casual, comfortable, clean outfit that can be worn all day, any day. ***Note to Santa: I love-love-love, really love the Golden Goose Ball Star leather sneakers with the calf hair cheetah star and I haven’t splurged on a pair yet so pretty please maybe–I’ve been a VERY good bad girl ūüėČ


Right: Jeans, hoodie, maybe a sweater with trendy sneaker. Perfect outfit for running errands, lunch with a friend, shopping…you know, gettin’ stuff DONE.

Depending on your workplace, sneakers can also up the cool factor of your skirts and dresses if allowed. If not at work, sass it up on the weekend or for girls night out with one of these looks below.

Photo credit^ lacooletchic, dans vogue and lucitisima

Now tell me…which is your favorite look? Are you already wearing or likely to try any of these ideas? Leave me a sweet comment below and then jump on the sneaker wagon and be cool & comfy wherever you go!

Online styling service VS. Personal Stylist

Online style services offer a convenience factor and fill a void that many women have (and men, too) when it comes to their wardrobe.

Most online stylists offer the same basic service. You create an account, fill out and submit an online profile telling them about yourself and your budget, the company assigns you a virtual stylist and then the stylist selects and ships you items which show up on your doorstep about a week later. You have 5 or so days to keep only the items you like and ship back the rest. It often takes a few shipments to “train” your stylist so expect more returns in the beginning until your virtual stylist figures out your preferences. There are mixed reviews on the quality of merchandise with any online service. Just know that there is a broad range of brands these online services promote and sometimes you might get the low-end even if you set a higher budget. It often simply takes more communication with your virtual stylist to narrow down your expectations.

The real difference between online services and a Personal Stylist lies in the fact that the online services don’t know what you’ve already got in your closet or what you need to replace or donate. Which leaves YOU to purge your current wardrobe, create stylish outfits and choose new pieces that can be integrated into your current wardrobe, which many of us are unable to do or simply not very good at. Even though they are offering a service of convenience, the online stylists are still there to sell clothes.

A professional Personal Stylist will offer a complete package. I start with a free consultation whether it be at your home, a nearby coffee shop or a phone call. We’ll determine what your needs are and how I can best help move you toward having an organized and appealing wardrobe for work, school, date night, travel, special occasions, etc.

We then will do a closet edit (clean out), reorganization, style session, create outfits and finally I’ll suggest items if needed that would compliment and complete your wardrobe.

One of my favorite things about working with a client is helping them discover that often times they don’t need to shop for ANYTHING. They just need to revamp, re-organize and get creative with what they’ve already got hanging in their closet. Most of us already have too much STUFF and I’m not here to sell you more; I simply want to help you build a purposeful and well-curated wardrobe that works with your lifestyle.

Bottom line, it’s a very personal choice…and each one of us should do what works best for our own self. I’m somewhat biased I know but I truly enjoy developing relationships with my clients. I love when a client texts me a picture for “approval” of something they want to wear or purchase. That’s hard to get with an online service.

I’d be happy to answer additional questions; just leave me a comment at the bottom of this post or reach out on social media.

Below is a quick rundown on a couple popular online services if you’d like to give them a try. There are many more out there!

Stitch Fix–no subscription, $20 styling fee applied to purchase, order anytime or schedule auto shipments, free shipping both ways.

Trunk Club–a Nordstrom Co. (so guess where your clothes are coming from?)–$25 styling fee applied toward purchase, review your “trunk” online before it ships to approve stylist picks, order anytime or schedule set shipments, free shipping and returns.

Finery–Free app and cool concept but takes a significant amount of time to set up. You link your email address to the app so when you place an order online it saves the order to your digital closet. Ideally you would have pictures of your entire wardrobe on the app. Then Finery suggests how to wear your pieces according to season, style and even local weather. It also gives you links to items it recommends you purchase to enhance your wardrobe.


Are Boots & Scarves Boring You?

Do you feel like the popular boots and scarves look needs an update?¬†Just so happens…I agree!

If you’re feeling like each time you get dressed you’re wearing your boots & scarf “uniform”, read on.

Get creative with your options! So many boots & booties on the market, combined with a million ways to wear and tie a scarf make it easy peasy to update this classic look.

If you don’t have it already, you might want to invest in at least 2 colorful patterned scarves and 1 solid. You also want a variety of boots that suit your body type including, short, tall and OTK .

The photo below is your classic (some might call it boring) look.

photo of woman standing on the shore
Photo by J carter on

Let’s look at a few ways to update this look in 2018…

  1. Choose a colorful, patterned scarf and wear it off one shoulder.
  2. Switch up the boots: OTK, classic tall and booties.
  3. Ditch the sweater for a long sleeve tee and biker jacket or blazer with a lighter weight scarf.
  4. Wear a sweater dress with tall or over the knee boots and a blanket scarf.
  5. Think layers: Skirt, long sleeves, open cardigan, untied scarf and tall boots.

Bottom line…mix it up and have some fun with your boots and scarves. Don’t settle for boring! There are so many options when it comes to this classic combination.

If you’re not sure about a look or how to wear a scarf, snap a pic and send it to me. I’m happy to give you some feedback and suggestions! I love hearing from you so leave me a comment here or follow me and DM on Instagram @itsmekristenford ~xoxo

Organization is key


The first thing I suggest when I consult with a client is a closet edit. Some of us are better than others at keeping our closets fresh and up to date so this could be a quick and easy thing or a huge undertaking. Editing your closet involves removing and repurposing the old, out of style, out-dated, never worn clothing and organizing what’s left in a way that makes getting dressed every morning easy breezy. How we organize your closet is up to you. It’s a project we’ll do together because it has to make sense and be functional for you and your lifestyle.

Think of your closet as a store. Every day you wake up and walk into your store and wonder what you want to pull of the rack for whatever is happening that day. You want to be able to quickly get your hands on something that will be appropriate. You really want to love and get your moneys worth from everything in your store! If your “store” is clean, fresh, updated with all the right pieces and well organized it will save you time and frustration in the mornings and get your day off to a smooth start. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a closet that feels like you’re walking in to Madewell or Anthropologie even if you can’t own all of their clothing!

close up of shoes and bag
Photo by Alexandra Maria on

I’m partnering with Leslie Marshall, owner of The Marshall Concept. After completing your closet edit, Leslie will be available to come to your home and recommend all things pretty as far as organization and storage are concerned such as hangers, bins, boxes and labels to keep your things neat and tidy and in all the right places. Visit her website and follow her on social media. She can organize everything from your closet, pantry, cabinets and drawers, to your entire home.