Yep, it's that time...pumpkin spice & everything nice for cooler temps is right around the corner. 2020 has a been a year; can I get an amen?! I mean...anything BUT typical, usual and normal. So when it comes to "trends" this Fall, do we really even know (or care)? The majority of us aren't dressing [...]

“Home”Work Style

Are you working at home? Or homing at work? Does anybody really know what time it is? or Care? Anyway...Let's talk about what to wear while we work from home, stay home and attend online meetings. First of all, are you still getting up and dressed every day? You absolutely SHOULD be. Getting dressed helps [...]

How & when to wear leggings

I get asked this question quite often and there are many (and I mean MANY) opinions on this subject in the fashion world...so for what it's worth, here's mine. RULE #1: NEVER SOLO AS PANTS RULE #2: (kinda the same as rule #1) ALWAYS COVER YOUR BUM unless you're in the gym or doing your [...]

HAPPY NEW YEAR (and how is it already the end of January?)

First of all, thank you to those that have followed along this past year...liking, loving and sharing on social media as I learn and grow both personally and professionally. I've met so many new fabulous friends through my work so THANK you, thank YOU and THANK YOU for your love, kindness and support. It seems [...]

Organization is key

  The first thing I suggest when I consult with a client is a closet edit. Some of us are better than others at keeping our closets fresh and up to date so this could be a quick and easy thing or a huge undertaking. Editing your closet involves removing and repurposing the old, out [...]

Most asked question…

With kids back in school and summer nearing its end, I'm beginning to be presented with my most popular question...Can I wear white after Labor Day? The fashion rules have changed on this favored subject and wearing white is absolutely acceptable year round. White is no longer seasonal. The old rule 'not after Labor Day [...]