How & when to wear leggings

I get asked this question quite often and there are many (and I mean MANY) opinions on this subject in the fashion world…so for what it’s worth, here’s mine.


RULE #2: (kinda the same as rule #1) ALWAYS COVER YOUR BUM unless you’re in the gym or doing your workout

There you have it. I love leggings. I have several pair. Leggings are comfortable, wrinkle-free, easy to pack, stretchy, come in gorgeous colors and styles –I mean it doesn’t get any more practical, easier and better, am I right?! Therefore, many of us would wear them all day, every day.

Here’s the BUT…

I think it’s important to dress up and show up for both our work and personal relationships. I certainly don’t mean we have to dress to the nines every time we step out, but looking our best helps us to feel our best and to project our best self. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear leggings to an office function or girls night out, I just happen to believe if you’re going to wear leggings, make sure you choose an appropriate and classy way to style them for the occasion, and I’ve included some of my favorite looks below.

*under a skirt or dress

*with long open cardigan

Kirstin Sinclair:Getty Images

*with a blazer

*oversized sweater


*cami or tee with duster

It’s still COLD here in Little Rock, but all of these styles can be adjusted to transition into spring and summer as well. For example, trade the sweater for a tunic, oversized button down or tee shirt and the boots for sandals. Need help? Call me, I’d love to help you style your leggings and anything else you may be struggling with.

xoxo ~Kristen

Photo creds:;;; kirstin sinclair/getty images

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