About me


After graduating high school in north central Arkansas, I moved to Dallas to attend Wade College where I earned my degree in Fashion Merchandising & Design. I worked markets (whew!) and managed women’s clothing boutiques before marrying my husband and starting a family. I have always loved and appreciated all types of fashion, whether it be trendy or timeless, a splurge or something practical.

I enjoy helping women gain confidence through editing and organizing closets, updating wardrobes and creating outfits that make getting dressed in the morning simpler and easier…No matter your body type, taste and budget.

After years of hearing things like, “You always look so cute” and “I wish you’d help me decide what to wear” or “I’d pay you to go shop for me…but seriously”,  I decided to do just that. I launched my business in the Dallas metroplex in 2016. Shortly thereafter my husband received a career offer …in Little Rock. So after 30 years and raising 2 kids in Texas, we are back to our roots. I’m excited to assist my new friends in this community and will still travel and work the Dallas metro as well.

I appreciate the opportunity to solve your wardrobe and styling challenges. My goal is to have you looking and feeling fabulous about yourself, as well as your closet, all within the budget YOU set.

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