HAPPY NEW YEAR (and how is it already the end of January?)

First of all, thank you to those that have followed along this past year…liking, loving and sharing on social media as I learn and grow both personally and professionally. I’ve met so many new fabulous friends through my work so THANK you, thank YOU and THANK YOU for your love, kindness and support.

It seems the popular trend for 2019 is to choose a word of the year versus making a resolution. I think it shifts our focus more toward how to live our best life, and I kinda LIKE it! Although, truthfully I’m struggling to choose just one word. I can think of so many…SO many.


Do you see the trend here? The words I find myself focusing on and think I need to work on all begin with P…does that seem strange? I’m trying to connect the dots and see the hidden message here but it’s not making sense to me yet (which is one reason why my Happy New Year post is coming to you on January 23!). I’m going to keep moving forward, analyzing my thoughts and actions, and working toward nailing down my word of the year. No rush, right?

I was hoping my word would be more like….handbag, or travel (haha). I’m definitely going to squeeze those things in to my life as well because they make me happy. Make sure you ask 2019 to be good to you. Be sure you are actively asking for what you want in your life. We can’t just sit back and wish and hope that our desires come meet us. We gotta ask for it, actively seek it, and believe it’s going to come to us.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, successful you in 2019!

xoxo, Kristen

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” — Winston Churchill

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Wardrobe Consultant. Style Advisor. Beach Lover. Tennis Addict. Sun Worshipper. Brunch Specialist. Travel Fanatic.

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