Styling those sneakers

Sneakers are hot and on trend! I’m still building my collection (wondering how many pair is too many?) The options are limitless, so I’m thinking why not have a pair for every occasion? Sneakers are acceptable pretty much anywhere, anytime!

Get yourself at least 2 pair: a casual pair for athleisure and another pair for dressing up your denim and dressing down your skirts. Yes, skirts…long, short and midi can all be worn with sneakers. Don’t forget your athletic pair. PSA: Most sports have specific shoes and wearing the correct ones can prevent aches, pains and injuries.

Here are some examples of how to wear sneakers. DON’T JUDGE THE PHOTOGRAPHY. I’m not a professional (obvi).


Left: Leggings, long tunic, and sweater or jacket with athleisure sneakers (NOTE: cover your booty unless you’re at the gym). This outfit can be worn all day, every day…casual, comfortable, but not sloppy.

Middle: Joggers (this pair is velvet), shirt or sweater, and jacket with retro sneaker. Another casual, comfortable, clean outfit that can be worn all day, any day. ***Note to Santa: I love-love-love, really love the Golden Goose Ball Star leather sneakers with the calf hair cheetah star and I haven’t splurged on a pair yet so pretty please maybe–I’ve been a VERY good bad girl 😉


Right: Jeans, hoodie, maybe a sweater with trendy sneaker. Perfect outfit for running errands, lunch with a friend, shopping…you know, gettin’ stuff DONE.

Depending on your workplace, sneakers can also up the cool factor of your skirts and dresses if allowed. If not at work, sass it up on the weekend or for girls night out with one of these looks below.

Photo credit^ lacooletchic, dans vogue and lucitisima

Now tell me…which is your favorite look? Are you already wearing or likely to try any of these ideas? Leave me a sweet comment below and then jump on the sneaker wagon and be cool & comfy wherever you go!

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