Skinny Jeans & Trendy Denim

Skinny jeans are once again in the hot seat. A few months back, we learned that millennials and GenZs think skinny jeans and side parts are a thing of the past. It seems they’re slowly convincing some GenXers as well, seeing as how the skinnies are back in style news.

I’m a fan of wearing what looks good and more importantly, makes you feel good, and let’s face it…skinny jeans look good on most body types. Darker wash is better on some, light wash on others but in general, skinny jeans look good. So unless you’re of an age to want to fit in with Millenials, then wear the dang skinnies!

If you’re wavering on whether to ditch this classic denim, maybe try one or all of these current skinny jean trends: Slit-hem, ankle-bunching or ankle-baring.

If you’re in the market for updated denim, message me and I’ll send you my Fall Denim Roundup.

PS ~ As for the side-part vs. middle part debate, you’ll have to ask your hair stylist. As for me, I’m sticking with a side part & messy buns, and that likely says something about my age 😉

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