Styling Family Photos

Another one of my FAVORITE things to do…choosing what colors & style to wear for family portraits.

First of all, matching is not a requirement; however, coordinating is. You don’t want too many colors involved as it takes away from the subjects and faces that you’re trying to document and remember. Two or three colors is usually most pleasing. It’s great to mix patterns although you don’t want to ALL be wearing a different pattern; depending on the number of people in your family, one person could wear plaid, another stripes and the others a solid color.

Begin by setting your sights on a location (beach, historical district, park, open fields). Next, choose a color that compliments your location and lastly, decide on 2 additional colors that coordinate with your main color.

A good example is the beach: Your surroundings are hues of blue and beige in the water, skies and sand. You don’t want to dress in blue and beige and blend in to your surroundings. Rather, choose navy, white or black with orange, pink or green, all of which would complement your surroundings. Another example is the park: You’re likely to have a lot of green in the grass and trees, so avoid shades of green when selecting your clothing.

Wear clothing that fits well, is appropriate for the season and shoes that aren’t ratty; fresh haircuts, LIGHT makeup and smaller jewelry typically look the best. Remember you are documenting today for the future. You don’t want to look back and wonder why you wore that “awful dress” or had “that” hair color or style.


As always, let me know if I can help you with anything related to style, color and wardrobe ~ Kristen

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2 thoughts on “Styling Family Photos

  1. Your assistance with my closet edit was helpful on so many levels. It encouraged me to think about my clothing choices in a totally different way when I saw my selections through your eyes. You’re amazing, and I’m so thrilled with not only the edit, but the few pieces we selected to complement what I had left in my closet! Can’t thank you enough.

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